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[Home Movies: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 2)

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[Home Movies: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 2)

Publication date 1939-40
4:00:47:29 - 04:02:39:24 color silent 1939-40

Can marked: "Electrical, Industrial, Food and State Buildings; night scenes"

Electrical section, Industrial & Food Buildings intro.
World's Fair flag raised & waving in wind- Trylon & Perisphere symbols. VS EXT: Administration building of Fair. TD from American flag to two men talking outdoors. (President of World's Fair Grover Whalen & unident. man) Whalen enters car. Good CU of him in car talking.

04:02:39:25 - 04:03:26:25 color silent 1939-40
Crowds walking past international flags. Nun in habit sitting outdoors, elevated train traveling in BG. People waiting, buying tickets at ticket booth. HA CU feet of people walking on pavement.

04:03:26:26 - 04:06:42:17 color silent 1939-40
Crowds standing on footbridge- "Bridge of Tomorrow" walking down ramp. Good WS Trylon & Perisphere on horizon with fair promenades in FG. HA "View from Perisphere"- looking North of Lagoon of Nations & Federal Building on horizon. East view: Avenue of Pioneers lined by flags. VS Constitution Mall views- female statue. George Washington statue over pool.

04:06:42:18 - 04:08:32:13 color silent 1939-40
VS Trylon & Perisphere- people moving across elevated walkway. People walking through atrium of Trylon, etc.

04:08:32:15 - 04:08:56:03 color silent 1939-40
People boarding canopied trolley on fairgrounds. Man pushing touring chair around. EXT: Medicine & Public Health Building

04:09:15:21 - 04:10:05:29 color silent 1939-40
Plaza of Light- People walking around fountain. Person taking tour in wheeled chair.
VS "Water Ballet" water fountain display designed by Alexander Calder.

04:10:05:29 - 04:10:48:05 color silent 1939-40
People entering Consolidated Edison City of Lights pavilion. Inside: VS City of Lights diorama of New York City (dark).

04:10:48:06 - 04:12:17:23 color silent 1939-40
Title: "Forward March of America." VS People walking in tube through cascading waterfall. MS top of waterfall (replica of Victoria Falls) flowing.

04:12:17:24 - 04:14:12:10 color silent 1939-40
PAN over floodlights. EXT: US Steel Building dome & sculptures. People entering Steinmetz Hall - General Electric demonstration area with "man-made lightning" sign. VS colorful electrical "artificial lightning" display against black BG. TU from two giant transformers on exterior wall of General Electric building to GE logo at top.

04:14:12:11 - 04:14:43:20 color silent 1939-40
WS people walking outside Dupont Building. WS Man looking up at tall chemistry-themed tower, buying ticket for pavilion at window.

04:14:43:21 - 04:16:17:09 color silent 1939-40
WS Westinghouse Building - EXT windows- pendulum swinging inside. INT: Hall of Electrical Living. Pendulum swinging. Wall displays illustrating "progress" of housewives through history leading up to modern "electrical freedom." People looking at future kitchen electrical appliances display. "Electric Stairway" or escalator display.

04:16:17:10 - 04:16:52:20 color silent 1939-40
VS Announcer speaking on stage with Elektro, the Westinghouse talking robot. Robot walks across stage to microphone, answers questions.

04:16:52:21 - 04:17:27:19 color silent 1939-40
VS Westinghouse time capsule outside pavilion. People looking at newspaper headlines, other objects in time capsule window. People moving in line to look in top window of capsule (to be buried at close of Fair for 5,000 yrs.)

04:17:27:20 - 04:20:01:26 color silent 1939-40
Elgin Watches building. Trolley passes in front. LCD time display on outside wall.
Chemicals & plastics exhibit- Bakelite plastics display. Wall murals on Avenue of Labor. People outside "Man- His Clothes, His Sports" pavilion.

04:20:01:27 - 04:21:10:16 color silent 1939-40
Eastman Kodak building. Turning display of family photo advertisements. People posing for photos in front of World's Fair souvenir backdrop with replicas of Perisphere, Trylon icons. Man stands atop perisphere. Man pacing on stage with Kodak display.

04:21:10:17 - 04:22:11:00 color silent 1939-40
People walking down flag-lined path in Court of Peace. WS Schaefer (beer) Center Pavilion. Bartenders standing behind long bar. Schaefer Pavement of Fame - foot + hand prints of celebrities- Babe Ruth, Eddie Rickenbacker, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, NYC parks commissioner Robert Moses.

04:22:11:01 - 04:24:28:03 color silent 1939-40
Swift's Premium Bacon industrial food demonstration stand. VS Two women in uniform standing in window, wrapping wieners. Good HA assembly line of women in lab coats sitting at machines, packaging bacon "scientifically." People leaning & watching in window above. EXT of pavilion. Borden Dairy building. Country music trio in Western wear playing outdoors.

04:24:28:04 - 04:25:32:24 color silent 1939-40
Wonder Bread bakery building with moving cartoon figures in windows. Sign for wheat field (first planted in NYC since 1875). Hay bales in field. Sign for "Penelope Shoo- Scarecrow of Tomorrow"- scantily clad female mannequin w/straw hat & straw arms.

04:25:32:25 - 04:30:54:27 color silent 1939-40
Glass exhibit building. Funhouse mirror with distorted reflection of cameraman, then normal reflection. Blown glass sculptures with human figures inside. Glass blowing demonstration- men in black ties blow in tubes, handle molten glowing glass. Audience watching demonstration. Audience crowding onto escalator platforms. Good- two men rolling & shaping glass vase, with glowing molten glass on iron rods.

04:30:54:28 - 04:33:06:25 color silent 1939-40
WS Trylon & Perisphere. "Sweden Speaks" arts & crafts exhibit. Coat of Arms. Three Crowns restaurant. Outdoor fountain. VS glasses & bottles on display in Swedish Arts & Crafts exhibit. People walking through courtyard.

04:33:06:26 - 04:35:54:18 color silent 1939-40
Borden's Dairy World of Tomorrow building. INT: line of cows standing in stable (milking facility). Heads of cows eating. Bulls & calves outdoors. Sign announcing hours bulls receive exercise. Two men leading bull with rope around horns and nose rings. Heinz building. Bus passing Kraft building. Logo for distilling building. People shopping in gift shop.

04:35:54:19 - 04:37:57:27 color silent 1939-40
Chase & Sanborn marionette show. Group of Black children in audience looking at camera. Marionette dancers performing in front of curtain. VS audience watching show (chorus girls, ventriloquist act, gymnast, lion tamer)

04:37:57:28 - 04:43:01:27 color silent 1939-40
EXT: Court of States buildings. Large columned entrance. Pennsylvania, Arizona buildings, with globe. Lagoon of States. Replica of old army barracks in Trenton, New Jersey. Missouri, Washington buildings. New England- clipper ship on display. People touring deck of ship. Small boats by dock. Maine lobster dock- wooden replica. Tower of Florida building. Fountain outside building. Fruit trees on display. Man & woman eating ice cream cones.

04:43:01:28 - 04:45:02:00 color silent 1939-40
US military presence at World's Fair. US Army, Navy recruitment stands. Soldiers playing volleyball outdoors. Military barracks. Navy cadets in uniform marching in review. Navy marching band- drum & bugle corps.

04:45:02:03 - 04:54:48:14 color silent 1939-40
Electrical displays at night. Firestone Singing Color Fountain (Water changes color with tone of music.) Purple, blue, violet against black BG. People viewing City of Light diorama of NYC- Con Edison. General Electric sign. Water fountains. United States Steel, Fountain in front of US Steel building. Westinghouse building at night. Neon signs. Water fountain display- Alexander Calder's Water Ballet- bathed in orange light at night.


Reviewer: tribtower - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 20, 2013
WOW best film of this fabulous event. 16mm I suspect and most of it properly exposed lot of a lot looks semi-pro somebody knew how to use a light-meter. Most people came dressed in their best to see the World of Tomorrow. Liked an lot of
it I've seen Black and White stills of some these
exhibits But never KODACHROME. It comes to life in
color. All this was new - fluorescent lighting was cutting edge stuff. The fair was a light show from what I've heard people came over and over just be amazed. On the Elgin watch building was a digital clock! The water shows were accompanied by a live symphony orchestra that played in FM stereo from a building on the fair
grounds. Compositions such a Ravel's Bolero
accompanied the water, fire, and fireworks shows
speakers were buried around the water basins to give the maximum in hi-fidelity. Truly nothing
like this had been staged in this country before.
TV was introduced here- President Roosevelt giving
the opening day speech on the new medium.
At the TRYLON&PERISPHERE spinning clouds were projected on the great sphere after dark while
underneath great strings were plucked and amplified making "space" sounds. The word "FUTURAMA" was coined here at the predictive
General Motors exhibit.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 17, 2012
Subject: A Thing Of Beauty
Just when I thought Mr. Medicus was nothing but a perv and the fair was nothing but mostly fair rides, comes this BEAUTIFUL reel, I was almost in tears at the images I was watching. Its probably the best thing IÂve ever seen on Prelinger. Lets go bit by bit about this film shall we?
The nice thing about this first of all is that Medicus just shows us EVERYTHING here, so we start at the Worlds Fair offices! Nice builiding here.. Then we stop and say hi to Grover Whalen, the chairman of the WorldÂs Fair. Hes nice and seems open to Medicus;s questions.. Then he drives off on a convertible, with US and World's flags flapping in the wind! Then, off to the fair we go! We see people's legs going to the fair!! Hmmm, there's a nun, I wonder if she was stopping people from going? We stop at the main entrance gate to pay for our tickets (great!) we then see more people walking on ramps to the exhibits (by the way, this is more interesting then it sounds). Then we get to the fair grounds itself! I have no idea what these buildings are.. The pointed one? The round one? But they're beautiful.. We then go up to the perisphere (Oh! Maybe thats what the round building was called? Ok) and take a peek from there. I should take a break and talk about all the neat vehicles they had at the fair. Bus systems, monorails, little cars! All of these are just incredibly neat! After that little peek, (was that a giant sun dial?) we go down Constitution Mall, Very nice. Statues along bodies of water.. (The only nudity we'll see in this reel!) I actually love this layout.. So beautiful! I wonder where the George Washington statue is now? From the distance, we can see people entering the perisphere! Fabulous! After more views of the grounds, we get a closer look at the perisphere's walkways, and MAN, those things were HIGH up. At least 5 stories up!! These walkways are amazing by the way, they're just so beautifully structured, that, yes, I began to cry lol. We also get views of the structure with the sun and clouds, very nice shot.. We go back on ground to view some of the vehicles that I was talking about earlier.. Wee! Small cars! Big open buses! We finally stop at our first building.. The Science and Health building! Nice sculptures on the outside of it.. Then off we go to the Plaza of Light where theres spectacular water fountains, and an exhibit hall . The hall is a little dark lol. But what appears to happen is to show Joe public the city at night. Whoa, was that lightning? I think they're talking about the future too, because it looks every place on the river looks to have it's own huge dock lol From there, we go to the truly spectacular building of the Forward March Of America. This building must have had a 25-30 foot waterfall at it's entrance.. The visitors entered / exited through a tunnel! This is AWESOME. We go into the building, and they have portholes so we can see the falls from indoors!! Weeee!! Guess nothing else of signifigance was in the building, because soon weÂre outside again, and now we get to the corperate halls! Yay! I wish I knew which hall we started in first. It has a tower with a metal orb on top.. Lots of people are going in, and no wonder! What looks to be a jam handy electric show is happening! We see lots of arcs.. not too sure where they're coming from.. We go outside again, and we see two giant switches.. And then the GE logo! So, let;s go back, Hmm.. really not too sure if this was the GE building.. Anyways, after a quick stop at the unremarkable Dupont building, (bah! They don't even have a building! Just cases to describe 'Better things for better living', we then go to the truly AWESOME Westinghouse building.. Hooo boy, ok here we go. After a glimpse at the sheer size of their hall (there's two of them) and a peek inside the windows (hmmm what's that swinging thing?) we go inside to find a truly amazing set up, they have displays of what people looked like before electricity and after, the giant pendulum thing that looks THIS close to knocking someone's head off, we see a partially naked liberty type of doll, and then we go to the kitchens of tommorow, which look remarkably the same as a 1950's kitchen would look, except of course, with all Westinghouse appliances. We get more shots of the dioramas in the place. Oh yeah, the escalator. Not too sure if this is the first time an escalator was shown at a fair, but people seem darn mighty impressed at the 'Electric stairway'. We then go to a demo guy.. and he's got a ROBOT! He\s walking and talking! This robot is obviously a guy in a costume, and looks remarkably like the robot in the classic 'Leave it to Roll-Oh'. This was rather fun and bizarre! The robot totally adds a sense of weird science fiction to this whole film, with the Kodachrome, the 'future world' exhibit of Westinghouse and so on. We then go back outside to see the time capsule they had constructed for the fair, which was supposedly going to be buried for 5000 years. Wow, so in 6050? Is the earth still going to be around? Plenty of people line up to take a peek in it.. Not too sure what they were ACTUALLY peeking at though. We then have a couple general fair shots, on the right hand side, I do believe is the US Steel pavilion.. we don't get to see L We see a hall for something that looks like 'Belgian Watches', and then after that, some sort of cone shaped hall.. I was hoping it was going to be the US Defense hall, but I don't think so, I can't read the writing of what it is L Has a lot of funky machinery in it though. After another general shot, we have a title card that says 'Along the Avenue of Labor', We first see a display for a chemical and plastic company. Cant QUITE make the full name of it, but their display isnt remarkable. Just some displays behind some glass. Meh. From there, we go to the curiously named Man: His Clothes, His Sports. Not too sure who the sponsor of this one is either (I suspect a garment company). Love the dioramas on the side of the building! From there we go to the Kodak exhibit! Nice building with photos on the outside.. There are some neat trick photography exhibits you can take pictures of; they have a miniature expo display that you can stand on, and a smaller version of the Kodak building. Of we go past a walkway with some flags, to the Schaefer Center, and their Pavement of Fame, where its similar to the Grummans cement displays in Hollywood, but this appears to be famous dignitararies to the fair, we can see Babe Ruth, Eddie Rachenbacher (??) Lowell Thomas (!!), Bill Robinson, and other unfamiliar signatures. From there we go to the real highlight of the reel. The Swift Premium Bacon exhibit. Theres a crowd of people looking at something.. What is it? We peek in, and theyre all looking at pretty women uh, doing assembly line work putting bacon in packages and wrapping them!! I mean, talk about exploitive! This is of course, much more exciting then the sausage display.. curiously, theres no one hanging around there.. Then we go to another display.. Not too sure if were still at Swift or not, the building seems to have changed shape. The mural invites us to Come On In . We decide not too and take pictures of the 3-man band wearing a curious red brown outfit. From there we stop at Wonder Bakery!! Theyve got a curious display on the right, which looks like some sort of wind tunnel blowing balloons around. In the windows. Theyve got a loop of cute cartoon characters leading us into the bakery. We stop by the Wonder wheat field, which were told, is the first to put in since 1875. And for good reason too! Must make way for progress! We also see a modern scarecrow. I never knew crows were scared of half naked womenFrom there, we go to a Glass exhibit. Did not for the life of me see the sponsor of this huge building. We start by looking at some fun house mirrors! Ha ha! You can see the reflections of the cameraman! Hmm, I thought Medicos was the bespectacled one?? I dunno.. Anyways, we see some gizmos no doubt crucial to glass blowing, and then to a mural that displays, amazingly, that we need Glass everywhere! We then see some neat ship in bottle sort of creation. We see a young kid and what looks like a turbine motor in some glass. And then its off to the glass blowers! A number of people think this show is the cats pajamas. They design plenty of shaped glass. This whole thing runs on FAR too long for my tastes actually. Not too sure why he didnt spend copious amounts of time at the Glass Blowers Hall of Fame earlier on.. Anyways, from there we see people snaking through a line to see heaven knows what, we take a peek outside the glass exhibit, then BACK to the glass blowers! (sigh), By the way, the glass blowers are immaculately dressed! Finally, we get out there and see what looks to be a curious bunch of statues around something. Not too sure. We then see a brightly colored entrance of a exhibit, not too sure what that is either. We then go back on to the main thorough way to the Sweden Speaks exhibit. This appears to be the first country exhibit were seeing. Theres a red colorful horse in front of it.. We see some crown jewels, then back outside where we see the outside of the Three Crowns Restaurant, (because were hungry), a woman passes by in a neatly designed wheelchair. We then see another display, not too sure of its origins, but a weird looking statue in front of it, what appears to be a man on a Cubist horse. We then go around in the garden where the horse is, and no, the horse still looks strange. We then see a water bank and a little waterfall, until we go to the Swedish Arts and Crafts building Heaven knows WHAT kind of items you would find there! (snicker) They seem to sell plenty of fancy glass. Oh. Then we see a unidentifiable building. The flag looks Flash Gordonish. Then, I guess we go into the gardens of the building? After that, onto Betsys! Dairy World Of Tomorrow! Plenty of cows getting milked, in 18th century looking neck braces! The fat ladies peering through the windows seem highly amused. But damn, those cows looked HUGE!! (and somewhat annoyed). Were outside now, and we see a Cow and her calf. For some odd reason, I was somewhat queasy of seeing them with matching mouth restraints. And then boys and girls, the moment youve all been waiting for.. BULL EXERCISES! Yes, at 11:30a, 3:30p, and 6:30p, the cows are walked around. Heaven knows WHAT theyre doing the rest of the time! After THAT, we briefly see a Toronto pavilion! Hey! I want to go in there! Thats my country!! Strangely, the mural looks as if Canada was still in the Ice Age. We then see (but dont bother to go into) the Kraft building, instead focusing on the corn distillers.. We then see a very odd garden, not too sure what those shapes or things are.. Next, a Shimmering display!! Everyone is wowed by that.. I am not too sure of what is happening, are the mirrors moving? Or something else? Hmm We then go to Chase and Sandborns Marionette Show where yes, marionettes of all shapes and sizes entertain the audience! Especially the black kids, which, yes, Medicus has taken shots of once again. Actually, the puppet show looks wild, plenty of puppets, elaborate costumes and sets, they have a can-can number, and even a puppet of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy! Now, THATS surreal. The crowd goes wild!! (ok, more like mildly amused). We then go to this amazing puppet show.. Weee!! A trapeze and a lion tamer!! The lion tamer is amusing with his tricks.. then we see what looks like a pixie on a moon.. Charlie Mcarthy is back- whoa, two guys on a bicycle built for 2!! Okay, enough of that! We then go to the Court Of States buildings.. all sorts of buildings here.. nice entrance! We go first into what looks like the main courtyard, we see Pennsylvania's building in the distance, and a neat world structure up front. (I suppose we're seeing the giant sphere later?) Upon closer inspection, the smaller sphere is somewhat ugly.. what is that supposed to represent? We find out the the body of water in the courtyard is the 'lagoon of states', which is quite funny sounding. Look! There's the trashcan of states! Anyways.. from there we go to a replica of an old barracks in New Jersey. Heaven knows what kind of historical significance this building holds. I mean, who cares? We then get a more closer view of Philadelphia's building, mmmkay.. then another unidentifiable building.. Then, off to Missouri's building! Is it me, or does it appear it's shot from the side? Oops, then we see the front entrance. Oddly not in the center of the building though, We then see Washington state's building.. Dull, except it looks to have an extra large school trophy sticking out of it. After that, we see New England's display.. A Clipper ship! Pretty wild, as it appears people are working on it's mastings, even though it's uh, not really going anyplace. I saw a Japanese flag.. what was that about? After a short visit on the clipper's deck, we see more unidentifiable buildings, (a market of some kind) and then we see some row boats.. Mmmkay. OH! It's a replica of a Maine Lobster Deck! Kinda neat, just wondering how much of that was tied down.. Then, on to Florida's building, which looks quite garish and quite inviting. It also has an 'exotic' and 'garish' garden which consists of a fountain and a few palm trees. Oh! And they also have orange trees! Not too sure if people could pick them, but the one thing they do have is Ice cream! Medicus and unidentified female companion suck one up for their enjoyment! Mmm!! Didn't Celine Dion wear her hat at the Oscars one year? And dammit, everyone seemed to have gone to the fair in three piece suits it seems.. We then go briefly to the U.S. Army and Navy buildings. And curiously, the army and Navy are THERE, like they have the barracks and everything. Now THATÂS strange. We see them play a lively game of volleyball and see the said barracks. We then see a curious military procession. It's in front of the MASSIVE building, no idea what it is. The whole thing looks like it comes from a Russian military excersise. It looks like noone is there to watch it though. Look at all the empty seats! And whoa, did you see that flag flying the wrong way while someone was walking? And then, we come to the final portion of this part.. Yesh. COLORFUL FOUNTAINS!! Lets see, very nice multicolored ones there, they seem to shapeshift.. We then do what Medicus likes to do whenever it's nighttime, go back to buildings he's visited previously and look at them at nighttime.. Brought to you by Consolidated Edison! We see the General Electric building.. Those massive waterfalls, which still look amazing, Synchronized water fountains, from different angles.. they are in front of the U.S. steel building! This whole scene looks to me like it was shot in Vegas. A peek into the GE building is next.. Look! Remember the pendulums? They have another pendulum type gadget there that I didn't see there before as well. They have a tower that also does neat little multicolored tricks as well. Then we go in front of a building that promises 'Better Living'. Not too sure what that is. Then we get an extended water fountain show. Red fountains! Green fountains! High water! Low Water! Not too sure what those numerals in the back are supposed to mean though.. Pretty soon, the fountains are shooting off fireworks! Weee! And thatÂs it for this round.. No real highlight here, except for the puppet show at the beginning. It's sort of hard to like this, when you're faced with a seven minute water show..
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